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R P Attractions Group provides a wide range of services

for amusement leisure and theme parks industry.

We are a UK based company with over 30 years experience in amusement ride manufacturing. We also have sales offices and factorys in Turkey and France. We manufacture rides..arrange sale’s of new and used rides and attractions. We can supply from a single children’s ride to a full amusement park. We offer consultancy work, maintenance check-up programs, spare parts, refurbishments and customized service contracts, so that reliability and availability of attractions are maintained to the highest level, thus providing our customers the best guarantee on their investments.On request we also provide ride specific training on site for our customer's engineers and operators. From minor repairs to major projects, we can provide the services,  and expertise to ensure your project is completed efficiently. We can also arrange setting up, dismantling, relocation,transportation,shipping  Of rides and attractions worldwide.