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Family Rides


We can supply fron a single childrens ride

to a full amusement park.

                         other services listed below. Custom Theming and scenary Ride Refurbishment Ride relocations Ride Repairs Spare parts At R P Attractions group we always manage and supervise the construction and installation of the products that our clients contract from us, guaranteeing in this way, the correct execution and start up of the supplied equipment. For this, we rely on our highly experienced Project and Installations Management Department.
We also offer

New Rides in stock

Discovery 30 65m observation Wheel Midi Wave Swinger Vortex  Demolition Derby Octopus  Caterpillar coaster (compact model 22m) The list of rides are in stock or partly built and can be finished with custom paint to suit your theme or requierments.
Balloon Tower Kangaroo Gallion Race Demolition Derby Balloon Race Dumbos Carousel Small Dragon