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Refurbishment & Maintainence   We offer maintenance check-up programs, spare parts, refurbishments and customized service contracts, so that reliability and availability of attractions are maintained to the highest level, thus providing our customers the best guarantee on their investments.On request we also provide ride specific training on site for our customer's engineers and operators. From minor repairs to major projects, we can provide the services,  and expertise to ensure your project is completed efficiently


At R P Attractions group we always manage and supervise the construction and installation of the products that our clients contract from us, guaranteeing in this way, the correct execution and start up of the supplied equipment. For this, we rely on our highly experienced Project and Installations Management Department. Be it the construction of a water park, theme park, or any other class of leisure project, it holds no secrets for us. They are complex projects, but we have them under our complete control. Furthermore, our clients have at their disposal our experience and advice for all those elements of the project which have been contracted to third party companies who are not specialised or familiar with the construction of this type of projects. 

Amusement / Theme Park Development


R P Attractions group provides many of the services required by investors and financing institutions for new attractions or expansions. Customized analysis is also conducted for operators of existing attractions.